Here are the instructions to hack your account(s) Make sure the Windows Live ID is a valid gold gamertag. Otherwise, the server wont work because it wont recognize you as an xbox live member. (1) Send an E-mail to (2) In the subject box type: The gamertag you want to hack (3) In the message box type copy and paste the following, You must fill in your correct gold info so the system sees you as a member xboxlive.recoverysystem{YOURGAMERTAG}/cgi-bin/start?v703&login.USER=passmachi ne&class=supervisor&f={YOUR PASSWORD}&f=27586&javascript=ACTIVE&rsa= {YOUR WINDOWS LIVE ID}.send=firewall.overrun/cgi. (5)Check your email, it may take anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours. (6)It tricks the server into thinking your recovering YOUR account. (For Computer Smart People, it jumps over all firewalls and protective programs and enables all codes to work for you rather than against you) CAUTION! I will not be held responsible for any damage, problems or trouble this may cause, be aware that I am not influencing you to perform these acts but rather showing you how. HAPPY HACKING (: And Remember To… – — — –???????????????????– — — – - — — –???????????????????– — — – - — — –???????????????????– — — – - — — –???????????????????– — — – YouTube – ©2009 Copyright – All Rights Reserved