This is part 2 of the video of how to get cheats on your gpSPhone on your iPod/iPhone. The basic idea is to copy your gpSPhone save from your iPod/iPhone, then copy it to your computer, hack it, then copy it back. Download WinSCP here: Cheats for your Pokemonz here: Visual Boy Advance here: Song – Slam by Pendulum Guide in Text: 1: Make a save on your “Pokemon Emerald” , for example, IN THE GAME MENU, then connect your iPod/iPhone to your PC/MAC, 2: Open up WinSCP, once you’ve connected, go back 1 folder, click on mobile, Media, ROMs, then GBA, and go to the file that says, “Pokemon Emerald.sav”, and right click it, 3: Click on the Properties, then in the box that opens, go to Octal, in Permission, then type in “0777″ in the rectangle next to that, 4: Press OK, then drag that file to the same folder/directory as your Visual Boy Advance file, 5: Start up your VBA with “Pokemon Emerald” and continue your progress (it should be what you saved on your gpSPhone), 6: Put in all the cheats you want, save it IN THE IN GAME MENU, then close VBA, 7: Grab that file that you dragged over earlier, and put it back in the folder you got it from, which is the GBA folder, 8: It will ask you to copy, do it, and then to overwrite it, do that too, 9: Terminate your session with WinSCP, then start up your “Pokemon Emerald” on your gpSPhone, and continue your progress, 10: You’ll notice everything that you hacked earlier is there