Update (7-23-11): Free and Legit Red Alert 1 Download: compactiongames.about.com Tutorial inspired by RiouInsuiko, proud supporter of the “Knowledge is Power” Project. See the project here: www.youtube.com ************************ Quick Tutorial: 1) Get latest version of dosbox at www.dosbox.com 2) Install dosbox. Insert Red Alert 1 game into PC. Start dosbox. 3) Below is an example of text context to install the game. Please modify the letters to suit your PC as applicable. Here I made a directory called “oldgames” and its in my “E partition. You will need to make a folder ahead of time, and then mount it accordingly as shown below: mount di:\ -t cdrom Here I am mounting my virtual D drive with my physical I drive. mount ce:\oldgames Here I am mounting my virtual C drive with my “E:\oldgames” directory. c: “Proceed to install however you want depending on the game” Other notes: 1) Even if you try to enable compatibility mode like Windows 95 or Windows 98, you still get the fail to launch error, at least in Windows 7 64-bit.